Which style for you? It simply depends on what you are wearing…

Camisole- An extra long undershirt for layering. The neckline goes straight across being designed more for length coverage. Finished with a satin trim.

Tank- Popular layering undershirt. More shoulder coverage than the camisole. Scoop neck. Foldover finish. Very comfortable.

Cap Sleeve- All the advantages of wearing your camisole, but uniquely designed with cap sleeves and extra length for more coverage. The satin trim provides a very finished look.

Long Sleeve- All advantages of wearing your camisole, but uniquely designed with long sleeves and extra length. Enjoy the added warmth and great look as this style allows for a perfect shirt under scrubs, vests, t-shirts, and is great to layer with.

Bra Shelf Camisole- Enjoy the extra coverage and support this camisole offers. The shelf is designed with much depth to fit all chest sizes.

Bra Shelf Cap Sleeve- Eliminate the need to wear a camisole under this shirt with our uniquely designed built in bra shelf. The bra shelf provides more coverage and support.


Introducing the Tummy Tuck Tank- (found under tank style)

Instant slimming.  You know that part of your tummy that you simply don’t like.  The part that certain shirts or blouses have a tendency to accentuate.  Whether it is baby fat, extra skin, or unwanted bulging… put this tank on and watch your tummy flatten. 

 Eliminate a layer.  Slimming device and undershirt in one.  No need to wear a garter or similar device and then an undershirt to hide it.  This undershirt has cotton on top, tummy tuck in the middle, and cotton on the bottom to either tuck in or is long enough to layer.

 An undershirt that stays put.  Find comfort in knowing that you can move and bend in ease with complete coverage.  No more looking to pull down your undershirt that always seems to “disappear”

 You simply need to try this style on to understand how amazingly comfortable you will feel.  This addition to your wardrobe will provide unimaginable results.